As the year-end swiftly approaches, it’s a fitting moment for reflection. It’s been a bustling year, as usual, for our artistic photographer, Miguel Vallinas. Initially known for his high fashion photography, Miguel continued on a creative journey, producing artistic photos that prompt contemplation about our values and our role in society.

The artist doesn’t just participate in global shows and exhibitions; he also engages in projects that touch our hearts. One such collaboration is with the [H]ARTE Foundation, contributing to their efforts to humanize Spanish hospitals through organizing exhibitions and art workshops in healthcare spaces across Spain.

Miguel collaborates already several years with the foundation, and this year his collection “Ceci N’est Pas” graced for the first time the hallways of the General Hospital of Catalonia—a university center with daily over 4,000 visitors.

Looking ahead to 2024, we eagerly anticipate the unveiling of two beautiful new collections: “NATURALEZA VIVA” or “Living Natures”, where still lifes come to life, and “BLANCO” or “White”, a celebration of the color of union inspired by the creativity Doy Riedda unleashes within Miguel.

A preview of some of Miguel’s latest creations in the collection NATURALEZA VIVA:

And finally also a preview of the collection BLANCO: