Our team has been captivated by the works of Amaury Dubois for quite some time. His distinctive style, his critic approach to his craftmanship, and his dedication to create a world that is more colorful than the one we live in, seamlessly align with the qualities we seek in the artists we represent. We are thrilled to welcome Amaury to our roster of artists and eagerly anticipate a fruitful collaboration.

Amaury garnered public attention in early 2020 with an ambitious project: a 600m2 fresco on the vaults of the Sainte-Madeleine church in Châtelaillon-Plage. Over two months of relentless work, Amaury transformed the church and his work into the area’s leading attraction, marking a significant achievement as one of the largest murals ever created in a French church.

Amaury Dubois crafted a masterpiece that pays homage to the spiritual essence of the site and embraces the identity of the coastal town, Châtelaillon-Plage. The ceiling appears almost dynamic, adorned with Amaury’s distinctive shapes—undulating and aquatic, reminiscent of fish scales. The design not only winks at the nearby ocean but also symbolizing the early Christian ethos of abundance and life. Further inward, the vault takes on a celestial quality, with the Divine’s light attempting to carve a path. The interplay of sunlight through stained glass windows adds an extra layer of mystery and beauty.

Both believers and non-believers travel from afar to visit the church and marvel at Amaury’s masterpiece. The impact was not confined to Châtelaillon-Plage; soon other French cities took notice.

In 2022, Amaury took on a new project in the church of Saint-Pierre de Calais.

This time, the artist completed the fully hand-painted fresco in 15 days, working 11 hours daily. The work adopts a more abstract perspective, as Amaury aims to encourage reflection, meditation, and an open mind among visitors.

With this second monumental achievement, Amaury Dubois firmly solidifies his standing as a renowned artist, earning a place alongside memorable masters such as Picasso and Matisse in an tight circle of artists who have ever produced such extraordinary works.

At Leo Berber, we enthusiastically support efforts to ensure art is within reach for all. We eagerly anticipate discovering which church or monument will undergo the next round of  Dubois’ “le courbisme”!