At Leo Berber, we emphasize the significance of establishing a personal connection with our galleries and artists. In addition to utilizing numerous digital platforms for regular updates, we strongly advocate for periodic face-to-face meetings to engage in collaborative brainstorming sessions, with the aim to optimize our partnership.

This January Leo visited the beautiful studio and galleries of Hikmet Cetinkaya in Turkey.

Hikmet showed us around and explained his particular technique for working thick layered oil paintings with his pallet knife. In addition to the consistent presence of a profound dimension in his work, Hikmet demonstrates exceptional skills in blending colors, infusing each piece with an electrifying freshness that ignites the senses. His depiction of poppies and forests bursts forth with an invigorating vitality, transporting viewers to a realm where nature pulsates with life. Hikmet’s unique ability to strike a perfect harmony between abstraction and figuration captivates the imagination, making each creation a mesmerizing journey of discovery.

With nearly five decades of experience as a painter, Hikmet boasts a stunning collection of his artworks scattered around the globe. During our visit, Hikmet glowed with pride as he shared letters from numerous Canadian mayors who proudly exhibit his work in their town halls. Several of his pieces are currently showcased in prominent locations such as the Ottawa War Museum and the Ontario Provincial Parliament (Canada). Also the Queen Elizabeth Memorial University Library of St. John’s (Canada) proudly features his work. Beyond Canada, Hikmet’s art has garnered acclaim internationally, with his pieces finding permanent homes in places like the Brooklyn City Hall in the USA, the Australian Canberra National Museum and the Beijing Minzu University in China. These are just a few instances: Hikmet has been featured in over 60 solo exhibitions worldwide.

Despite being a recognized painter with both national and international acclaim for his skills, Hikmet remains very down to earth and insists on staying socially engaged. He holds several courses and workshops in his gallery. During our visit, about 10 participants learned from our master artist all the secrets that oil paint can hold.

Do you want to elevate your art collection with Hikmet’s dynamic and evocative works? Do not hesitate to get in touch and find out more!