… in the enchanting city of Paris, there lived a small French boy. From a youthful age, he possessed a remarkable talent for drawing, his nimble fingers effortlessly bringing to life fantastical worlds and whimsical characters. It was no surprise when he enrolled in a prestigious college of art and design, where he honed his skills amidst the hallowed halls of creativity.

As our boy blossomed into a gifted artist, he found himself a stable job in the world of comics. Crafting intricate tales and weaving vibrant illustrations, he poured his heart and soul into eight spellbinding albums for an esteemed publisher. Yet, deep within his heart, a longing remained unfulfilled—a yearning to pursue his true passion for painting.

One fateful day, as he wandered the bustling streets of Paris, he stumbled upon a lively street contest for painters. Borrowing canvas, brushes, and paint from a kind stranger, our young man hesitantly dipped his brush into the colorful palette before him. Though his painting skills had lain dormant for far too long, he poured his soul onto the canvas, each stroke infused with the magic of his dreams. To his astonishment, his creation captured the hearts of all who beheld it, earning him the coveted first prize and igniting a spark within his soul.

With renewed vigor and a sense of purpose, our artist embraced his destiny as a painter, bidding farewell to the world of comics to embark on a new adventure. His art, imbued with the essence of fairy tales and the radiance of his spirit, transported viewers to distant lands where dreams danced upon the canvas.

Our artist lived happily ever after, in a world where his wonders knew no bounds.

I narrated this factual but peculiar chapter of Laurent Parcelier‘s life as a fairy tale, because that is exactly what his work does to the observer: it puts you in a dreamy, magical and perfect place. One cannot do anything else but get lost in thought. The charming touch Parcelier puts into his work maybe related to his own experience, or maybe it is all a coincidence… Regardless of its origins, one thing is certain: Laurent’s enchanting style continues to mesmerize audiences, with each painting being a portal to a world where magic reigns supreme. With his masterful use of light, color, and imagination, he transforms everyday scenes into delightful vistas, reminding us all that dreams truly do come true in the hands of a gifted artist.