Laurent Parcelier


Laurent PARCELIER, born in 1962 in Chamalières, embarked on his artistic journey after studying at the Arts Appliqués Duperré in Paris (France). Initially working as an illustrator and author of comic books, Parcelier gradually transitioned to painting, stimulated by his accidental participation in a street painting contest and winning the first price. He soon became known for his poetic exploration of light.

Far from being a conventional painter, Laurent has explored the boundaries of his imagination, delving into various subjects and styles. His art reflects a deep love for the south of France, vast landscapes, and the beauty of nature, painted with a hypersensitive vision and exceptional talent. His paintings, often bathed in a surreal luminosity, evoke a sense of poetry and dreamlike enchantment.

Indeed his artworks transport viewers to idyllic landscapes reminiscent of eternal vacations, evoking the charm of the Provence and Luberon regions. One can easily envision oneself, immersed in contentment and reflection, beneath the warm midday sun, enjoying tranquil days with loved ones in a picturesque hilltop estate. With nothing but the expansive sky, the serene sea, a blossoming meadow, and verdant mountains stretching as far as the eye can see…

Laurent’s mastery of light, color, and aesthetic sensibilities is remarkable. His technique, particularly in capturing the interplay of light, involves delicate layering of materials to create ethereal atmospheres. His art, firmly rooted in the tradition of French painting, particularly impressionism, bears a distinctive and remarkable personal touch. The graphic quality derived from his background in comic books is evident, alongside meticulous composition and precise execution.

Laurent Parcelier’s artworks adorn numerous private collections worldwide and enjoy recognition among art enthusiasts across France and Europe, and is part of the renowned French impressionist movement.


Medium: Oil on canvas


Picturesque Villages

Terraces and Verandas