Scott Tetlow


Born in Rochdale (UK) in 1969, Scott developed a passion for art as a young boy. During his late teens, whilst roadying for punk bands, Scott spent his free time sketching punks and designing album covers. It was this body of work that earned him a place at Cheltenham University, where he gained his fine art degree.

In 2002, his much-loved studio burnt to the ground and he lost everything. Unable to continue both practically and emotionally, Scott threw himself into teaching, believing that his art career was now just part of his past.​

In 2011, Scott moved with his family to Verona (Italy) and, ironically, moved into an apartment directly above an art shop. Feeling inspired to pick up his brushes again, he began to draw the stunning architecture. With his passion rekindled, he returned to England and built a studio in his garden. He hasn’t stopped painting since.

Whilst living in Taiwan, Scott studied calligraphy and discovered the elegance of this beautiful and esteemed art. Chinese calligraphy focusses on two types of beauty: the obvious aesthetics and the hidden beauty: the soul and life of a figure. Often, Chinese painters will say they are “writing a painting” and this concept has influenced Scott’s work heavily over the years, wanting his works to tell their own story, for the viewer to read their energy.

About his way of working, the artists mentions the following:

“Somewhere along my path, I became engrossed in the need to convey movement, to create the illusion of life. I have to understand the lines before I can make them work. It has taken years of practice, of feeling like I’m walking through a maze; making mistakes, going down the wrong road and learning whether to turn left or right. I’ve had to practice and practice to be able to create a piece in one go, it’s almost like doing it in one breath.

Each time I pick up my tools, I am running out onto a tightrope, I can’t stop. I have to keep going to get to the other side. There is no time to question myself or correct mistakes because I must get the marks down with confidence. I don’t get a second chance. I can’t rework it; every mark has to flow out of me to give the figure movement. If I haven’t studied the lines, if I don’t fully understand them the drawing just won’t work.

Every single line on each of my drawings is inspired by a living object, the result being that every line has the energy of a living thing.”

As Henry Ward Beecher said, “Every artist dips his brush in his own soul and paints his own nature into his pictures”.

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