Jonas Kunickas


Jonas Kunickas (b. 1978), is an accomplished painter driven by a lifelong passion for artistic expression. With a background in architecture, Jonas embarked on a career that seamlessly blended his love for design, working as an interior designer and architect in both the United Kingdom and his native Lithuania. As he immersed himself in these fields, Jonas dedicated his free time to sharpening his skills and nurturing his talent for creating captivating works of art.

Over time, Jonas’s artistic activities evolved from mere pastimes into something much more profound. Influenced and captivated by the works of esteemed artists such as Jeremy Mann, Christian Hook, Zhaoming Wu, and Petras Lukosius, Jonas found the motivation to embrace his passion and transform his artistic pursuit into a full-time occupation. For more than a decade now, Jonas has been living a life dedicated to his true calling.

Throughout his artistic journey, Jonas explored various styles and techniques, and eventually ended up at oil paint and palette knife, abstaining from brushes entirely. Jonas endeavours to capture the vibrant essence of life itself, believing that there are no wrong or right colours but rather improper placement.

The human body serves as Jonas’s primary source of inspiration. He respects it as “the most perfect piece of art God has ever created.” Guided by the poses of his models, Jonas carefully selects colours and sets the stage for his paintings. He considers the outcome of his artistic process to be a collaborative effort, true teamwork between the model, the artist, the canvas and the paint.

Today, Jonas Kunickas continues to enrich the world with his captivating nudes, which can be found on display in several galleries worldwide. Through his dedication to his craft, he invites us to observe the beauty in our anatomy.

Media: Oil Paint on Canvas