Jim Drouet


Born in 1961, Jim Drouet resides on the Atlantic coast in Vendée, France. He graduated from the Fine Arts School of Angoulême. Initially, his creative journey was influenced by his love for drawing and photography, and as such, Drouet’s artistic vision is deeply rooted in contemporary photography and cinematic culture.

Drawing inspiration from American realist painters such as N.C. Wyeth, Edward Hopper and Bernie Fuchs, Drouet’s preferred subjects revolve around everyday life and take place in a tranquil and harmonious setting. He is particularly drawn to strong light contrasts and minimalist settings, elements that he seamlessly incorporates into his paintings. Sunlight, a recurrent motif in his work, symbolizes the beauty and positivity he sees in the world. The artists’ quote: “Beauty brings us joy”, encapsulates the essence of his artistic philosophy and underlines Jim’s optimistic outlook on life.

After a successful career in advertising for 17 years, Drouet made a decisive transition to painting. Since his inaugural exhibition in 2004, he has showcased his artwork in numerous galleries across France and internationally at prestigious art fairs in London, Amsterdam, New York, and Stockholm. His paintings have found a place in many private collections.