Isabelle Derecque


Isabelle Derecque’s life is intertwined with an solid passion for architecture, art, and exploration. As a multidisciplinary artist, she blends her background in design and interior architecture to transport viewers on journeys to exotic realms, inspired by the radiant legacy of her Floridian grandmother and fueled by her insatiable thirst for discovery.

Her canvases, vibrant with saturated hues, capture tranquil vistas and evoke a sense of calm, inviting viewers into a visual sanctuary where architectural forms dance with the rhythm of life’s motion.

Purposefully selecting mirrors as her canvas, Isabelle infuses her creations with a distinctive depth and fluidity. As spectators engage with her work, they are enveloped in a world of reflections and subtle movements, drawn into an immersive experience that transcends traditional viewing.

Her art is a symphony of sight and sound, echoing with the melodies of her culinary passions and the desire to impart a perpetual sense of holiday to those who engage with her creations. Each piece narrates a tale, a voyage, extending an invitation to wander through realms of imagination and escape.

Born in Brussels in 1984, Isabelle’s journey has led her through the corridors of the College of Architecture & Design, where she enhanced her craft. Her experiences, including a transformative period in London post-graduation, have endowed her with a sensitivity to light and a enthusiasm for gold leaf, elements she holds dear. For Isabelle, the choice to work with mirrors transcends mere aesthetics; it is an opportunity to reflect upon the spaces we inhabit, to project ourselves into new perspectives, and to curate our own environments. In her art, nothing remains static – everything shifts, evolves, and invites fresh interpretation with each glance.

Medium: Plexiglass mirror with acrylic paint