Amaury Dubois


Born in 1980 in Lille (France), Amaury Dubois has always defied categorization and rejected confinement to a specific artistic box. He pursued graphic design studies at the Institute Saint-Luc in Tournai, Belgium. Throughout his career, Amaury continuously and fearlessly explores various techniques, including oil painting, acrylics, aerosol, photography, and dripping, incorporating elements from abstract, figurative, and surrealistic movements into his style.

Amaury Dubois thrives on the freedom that his art provides, enjoying the opportunity for global exploration. This sense of liberation deeply influences his work, leading to the development of his distinctive style known as “Le Courbisme” or “Curvism”, characterized by colorful curves and lines. Dubois employs this unique technique to interpret the world in a poetic manner, intentionally avoiding the use of straight lines.

At the core of Dubois’ artistic philosophy is the desire to “paint the invisible that yet surrounds us.” He seeks to capture the movements of air, fluids, water, wind, and light—energies that constantly flow through our existence.

In addition to his artistic outlet, Amaury Dubois is passionate about skateboarding and the vibrant colors absorbed during this daytime pursuits find expression in his artwork. Meanwhile, the narratives in his creations draw inspiration from the art history books that he consumes during the night.

Amaury Dubois is showcasing his talent across continents in Belgium, France, the USA, Brazil, Singapore, the Middle East, and India. His artworks grace the walls of numerous international galleries, side by side with masterpieces from renowned contemporary artists such as Modigliani, Warhol, and Banksy.

Among his most notable achievements is a monumental project—a 600m2 fresco within a French church located on the West Coast, just a short distance from La Rochelle. Over the course of two months, Amaury covered the entire vault of the church, including its stained glass windows. This ambitious undertaking not only posed a unique challenge for Dubois but also stands as one of the largest frescoes ever completed within a church in France. Amaury ensure that the artwork not only reflects the spiritual essence of the space but also encapsulates the distinctive identity of the seaside resort.

Figurative inspired artwork

Fresco in Sainte-Madeleine Church of Châtelaillon-Plage