Patrick Salamone

Biography of the Artist

Patrick Salamone is a French artist, originally from Lyon. His artistic production is strongly inspired by Action painting, a movement born in the USA in the 50’s with Jackson Pollock as the main figure.

In his artistic approach, Patrick Salamone favors the physical act of painting. He works in suspension on canvases placed on the ground. The paint is sometimes projected directly with his hand, sometimes it flows on the canvas with a stick, in nets, large trails, drops or interlacing, offering striking effects of texture and color.

Patrick likes what is fluid. He prepares his paintings himself and instinctively chooses his colors.

Gesturality holds a primordial place in the work of Patrick Salamone, it constitutes the essence of his works. Each pictorial experience is therefore original and totally random.

Patrick hangs up his canvases on the wall in order to affix a few butterflies that he reintegrates, thanks to the speckling, on his shimmering abstract backgrounds.

Full of life and color, Patrick’s works are the result of an improvisation carried out with total sincerity. Each painting is a moment of thoughtless and impulsive existence that the artist lives in front of his canvas, a testimony of the living body, in action and in movement in the moment.