Jean-Pierre Gouget

Originally from Paris, Jean-Pierre Gouget is a great fan of high snowy summits. He has been practicing alpinism for several years and has climbed many summits in the Himalayas, the Alps, Norway or Greenland. Self-taught painter, he gradually joined his painting practice to his love for alpinism. In his works, he stages the quiet majesty of the snowy summits by transporting us into a breathtaking environment of beauty, both hostile and revitalizing.

The eyes posed on one of his works, one marvels at these snowy peaks, these vertiginous walls which emerge from between the clouds. We imagine the biting cold, the icy wind. A breath of pure and invigorating air envelops us. In a contemplative and introspective state, we feel a deep sense of calm: “The mountain is a place of isolation, of tranquility, it’s almost like meditation. It’s a calm, pure and healthy place” says Jean-Pierre Gouget. The attention he gives to the clouds, an integral part of the snowy mountain landscapes, also brings an almost mystical atmosphere to his works.

In order to concentrate on the essential of the mountain, Jean-Pierre Gouget uses a color palette reduced to four colors, white for the snow, blue for the sky, black and brown for the mountains. He works the paint with a knife to give texture and superimposes translucent layers of glaze and vellum to restore the consistency of the snow.

Today, Jean-Pierre Gouget only paints the Swiss Alps, since they have glaciers that are no longer found in France. Thus we find in his production many peaks of the Valais, like the Obergabelhorn, the Weisshorn, the Matterhorn or the Pointe-de-Zinal.


Altitudes - 110x220cm