As a young French artist, Alex discovered the power of the image as a child by borrowing his father’s camera. The image gradually becomes an essential means of expression to immortalize and express his moods.

Curious by nature and eager for knowledge, he continues his self-taught learning of image processing and graphic composition. He creates posters for shows, advertisements for newspapers and signs for shops. Also passionate about design and decoration, he studied carpentry and upholstery on seats.

Today, photography, drawing and collage are all techniques that he uses as a means of expression to stimulate his imagination and creativity.

The “Moon series” is a nod to his childhood. Often lost in his thoughts Alex, as a child, was constantly told that he was “in the moon”.

In a humorous, sometimes poetic way, but always with a childlike look, the artist uses the moon, and the softness of this celestial object, to pay homage to fictional or real characters.

The moon is the symbol of imagination and dreams, the world of night, its magic and mysteries. It is the central element around which Alex has chosen to gravitate characters from pop culture, the world of video games, cinema, but also great artists such as Dali or Hitchcock, for whom Alex has developed a great attachment throughout his life.

And as Alex’s world is perhaps not so far from ours, it is with amusement and a touch of nostalgia that we rediscover, through a shadow theater, cult icons that, without knowing it, we too missed.