The calming pastels of Tetiana Bond breathe peace and tranquility. Tetiana refuses to let her difficult situation impact her art.

In our ever-changing world, political tensions and conflicts have become an all-too-familiar occurrence. Most recently, Europe was shaken by the war in Ukraine, a crisis that emerged just as the world was beginning to recover from the grip of the Covid-19 pandemic. The consequences were far-reaching and profound. Millions of Ukrainians were forced to flee their homes, while brave young citizens took up arms to defend their country. Overnight, the landscape of Ukraine and Europe was forever altered.

As the conflict raged on, buildings crumbled, and ordinary civilians lost hope, people across Europe responded with compassion and empathy. They opened their doors to families on the run, revamped their educational systems to accommodate students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, and tough economic decisions were made, such as imposing embargoes and allocating funds to support the war effort.

The profound impact of war extended to the artworld as well. Local artists found their styles transformed, reflecting the somber realities of their surroundings. Color schemes shifted, and a surge of patriotism penetrated their work. Among these artists is Tetiana Bond, a talented Ukrainian artist who chose to remain in her homeland, steadfastly refusing to abandon her studio and the country she holds dear. Tetiana’s inspiration has always been peace and tranquility, painting dreamy seascapes in lovely pastels. Our artist refuses to let the war impact her oeuvres. However, her creative process has been severely hindered. Frequent power outages disrupt her work, art supplies are delayed or fail to arrive altogether, and the logistical challenges of shipping her artwork add to her struggles. International exhibitions have become an uncertain prospect, as Tetiana cannot travel with the assurance of a safe return.

Despite the hardships faced by artists like Tetiana, there have been heartening displays of solidarity within the community as well. Many artists have dedicated their efforts to raising funds and supporting those in need in their own unique ways. One such artist is Steve Tracy. Steve has committed to donating 100% of the proceeds from a limited series of giclees to Ukrainian children in need. Each print is a true work of art, as Steve meticulously reworks and signs them, infusing them with texture and vibrant colors. If you’re interested in supporting this cause or acquiring one of Steve Tracy’s remarkable giclee prints, visit his website or get in touch with us. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.

In times of war and crisis, art becomes a powerful medium for expressing the resilience of the human spirit and fostering a sense of unity. While conflicts may disrupt lives and tear communities apart, artists and art enthusiasts alike demonstrate that creativity and compassion can flourish even in the most challenging circumstances. By supporting artists and their work, we can contribute to a brighter future, one where art continues to bridge divides and inspire hope.

Steve Tracy - Giclee in support of Ukrainian kids in need